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Kingdom of Buden or simply Buden, is island kingdom south in the Great Sea. Its nearest neighbor is Iggorial Island, around 120 kilometers to the east. It further lies northwest of Seprenos, north of the Bay Kingdom, east-northeast of Rubtar, southeast of the Kingdom of Innupia and south of the Eqiolon Kingdom.

Settled by people from Assandur from the period of Baraan, Island of Buden was later populated form the migrants of Assandur, known as Budeni. Till year of 121, Budenian civilization was tribal, until the initial region of Assandur started to expand and conquer territories and later on conquering whole island.

Island of Buden is a volcanic island with soil rich valleys and mining deposits, which allowed easy strip mining operations. It has some remaining gold and iron resources, which was the key role for building strong kingdom across the Great Sea. Buden was independent from other world for the exploitation of gold mines and establishing naval trade routes to other kingdoms.

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Island of Buden is volcanic island created during the prehistoric eruption of Mt. Assandur, the highest point of the island measuring 2656 meters above the sea level. Eruption created valleys and mountain ranges around the volcano. The mountain range consists of several notable peaks like Mt. Baraan and Mt. Belladon. Island is crossed with valleys of rich soil, mainly grass and rarely woodlands of pine wood as well as oak trees in southern areas of the island. The biggest valley is Assandur Valley, which starts from base of Mt. Baraan and comes all the way along the Monos hill. The geographically, Island of Buden is divided in three parts: Central and Southern Buden, bordering Equersi ridge on the west and Alabun Hills east, starting north from Mt. Belladon through the Assandur Valley. Western Buden from Sho Ridge southeast and Reben Mountains north and Northeast Buden from Reben Mountains all across the northern shore of the island.

Climate of the Island is sub-tropical mild. Average of 23 degrees of Celsius during the whole year makes the vegetation grow fast. The richness of soil gives the vast amount of grassland fields as well as rocky mountains and cliffs.

Oak woods are the home of Budenian deer and small jaguars as well as rabbits and Budenian sparrows. Eagles reside close to valleys in the cliff areas and high mountains.

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Budenians and Subsala

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History of Buden

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Buden The Great - History's first known leader of Budeni People.

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